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Spells & Secrets: New Fantasy Roguelike From German Developer

Spells & Secrets comes from Germany and wants to enchant players through cooperative adventures. Source: Rokaplay/Alchemist Interactive

Spells & Secrets is a fantasy roguelike set in the present day and funded through the Kickstarter campaign until tomorrow, Tuesday, May 10, 2022. However, the goal of German developer Alchemist Interactive (Stranded Sails) and publisher Rokaplay ( Stranded Sails, Super Dungeon Maker) was achieved a long time ago and exceeded more than 450 percent of the originally intended sum of US$21,019.

2,239 backers have invested more than $96,000 in the project, which got a new co-op trailer on Monday to give interested players the chance to learn even more about the game. The game will be available this summer via Steam Early Access, with the full version planned for PC and Nintendo Switch in 2023.

Spells and Secret Adventures Trailer

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While the new trailer isn’t particularly long at just 33 seconds, we still get a glimpse of the kind of gameplay the developers are trying to bring us. Spells & Secrets is a fantasy roguelike set in the present. The action takes place in a school of procedurally generated magic.

Players can create their own mage through detailed character creation, team up with a friend through local co-op, and unleash their creativity with the arsenal of physics-based spells. Only if they skillfully combine magic spells can they defeat enemies and solve puzzles, inform those responsible about the approach of German indie games.

Key features at a glance

  • Combine physics-based spells to fight enemies and solve puzzles.
  • Explore the castle grounds and discover various secrets and mini-games!
  • Create your own magical student in the detailed character editor
  • Play with a friend in local or online co-op via Steam Remote Play
  • Uncover mysteries and delve into the ever-changing Academy of Greifenstein
  • Find powerful artifacts, potions and spells and upgrade your character with every run
  • The game is optimized for use with a controller, mouse, and keyboard.

About Interactive Alchemist

Alchemist Interactive is an independent development studio based in Düsseldorf. The company focuses on developing top-tier games. His previous games include the multiplayer fighting game Nova Nukers and the open-word farming adventure Stranded Sails.

About Rockplay’

Inspired by Nintendo, Rokaplay develops friendly entertainment games on different game consoles for people of all ages. A particularly strong focus is on community and communication. Previous Rokaplay games include Super Dungeon Maker and Beasties.