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Spirit, Dreamworks animated franchise, will have a game for consoles and PC

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Although most of the commercials have to do with games for an adolescent or adult sector, the options for the little ones cannot be ignored and this time the little ones at home will be able to live an adventure inspired by Spirit: The Indomitable Charger, a franchise. which started with a movie released in 2002 and will now see the release of a video game: Spirit Lucky’s Great Adventure.

Through a press release, Outright Games and Universal Games and Digital Platforms officially presented DreamWorks: Spirit Lucky’s Great Adventure, an adventure game that will debut in the summer of this year on PlayStation 4., Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. In this title, players will experience the story of Lucky and Spirt, their beloved horse, who will join Abigail and Pru in search of a hidden treasure in Miradero.

With an open-world approach, DreamWorks: Spirit Lucky’s Big Adventure will allow players to explore an outdoor environment filled with collectibles. Additionally, there will be customization options for Spirit and different ways to interact with villagers and participate in different events.

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