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“Splitter Critters”, a video game for children that rocks (space)


This formidably effective Canadian game has just joined Apple Arcade’s subscription offering. The opportunity to return to one of the best heirs of the classic “Lemmings”. From 8 years.

Considered for four years as one of the best games for smartphones and tablets, Critters Divisors integrates the Apple Arcade subscription offering with ten additional tiers. When released in 2017, this little game developed by the Canadians at RAC7 Games seemed to be a formidably effective cross between Lemmings Y Ninja Fruit.

Right from the start, it reinvents this game mechanic in which the player manipulates not the confusingly stupid characters, but the environment, to lead the pack to its destination. From the second, renew the tactile, instinctive and evident gesture, consisting of cutting the face. It is in this incision, here directly from the playing area, that Critters Divisors it becomes surprisingly addictive.

The cool idea of ​​”Splitter Critter” is to rip the screen, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, just like you would a sheet of paper.

RAC7 Games

Sixty bigger and bigger pictures

The purpose of Critters Divisors It’s always the same: helping the aliens return safely to their flying saucer. In their own way, they are hardly evolved cousins ​​of lemmings. Buds invariably jump off the edge of a platform but cannot swim. Blues are exactly their opposites. The Reds, for their part, are hardly any smarter although at least they have the merit of dispatching the slightest predator eager to piss them off.

The great idea of Critters Divisors It involves tearing the screen, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, as you would a sheet of paper. All you have to do is slide into the newly torn shreds to reshape the terrain and clear a safe path to the ship. No aliens are to be killed or abandoned, and up to three successive tears of “space” are possible. These rules are invariable.

His strenght It rests precisely on this subtle balance between the limited actions that inevitably involve planning, and the well-proportioned difficulty curve throughout its ever larger, more complex and ingenious sixty frames. The obstacle course is gradually invaded by rivers of lava, moving platforms, stinging sea urchins, or lasers as lethal as necessary to activate certain crucial mechanisms. And yet it is in the very idea of ​​responding to this cleverly arranged pile of obstacles that Critters Divisors Even today, it stands as an environmental puzzle that couldn’t be more estimable.

To play
: t2: Splitter Critters, RAC7 Games. Available on Nintendo Switch, iOS (included in Apple Arcade subscription). From 8 years.

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