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Spotify Down - Disruptions to both mobile app and website

Spotify Down – Disruptions to both mobile app and website

There seem to be large skinny services for Spotify: Neither the mobile apps nor the website work. Downdetector has already started reporting a substantial increase in reporting. The Android and iOS app shows a simple generic error message:

There was a problem. Please check your internet connection and try again.

On the website, however, the browser returns the 404 error, which means that the page you are trying to load does not exist. Spotify has announced that it is aware of the problem, which is apparently global, but we are in the first minutes of the event and, as usual, it is reasonable to expect somewhat confusing and conflicting communications. In the meantime, it is worth remembering that in these situations the Twitter account to follow for timely updates directly from the source is @SpotifyStatus.

It is interesting to note that practically nothing works, but it is a connection problem; in fact, songs and other content saved for offline listening can be played with complete peace of mind.

The Mediaworld site and Leroy Merlin also struggled, but they didn’t last long. So it seems that the problem goes beyond Spotify and there are “Internet” problems in general. The first rumors, which must be taken with great caution, say that the problem could be Google Cloud, even if at the moment the status page reports everything in green. In these last moments it seems that everything has recovered, but for some Spotify it is still KO. About 45 minutes have passed and @SpotifyStatus has yet to report the return of the anomaly, in fact.

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