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Spotify Wear OS app doesn’t play offline immediately


Google’s Wear OS platform had the Spotify app for some time, but it only had the ability to play music on mobile phones or connected devices throughout the house. When asked why the app couldn’t store music offline on a Wear OS smartwatch, Spotify said it was “impossible.”

so Community request forum, Spotify has marked Wear OS offline playback as “implemented” (via Android Central), But it turned out to be a mistake. A few hours later, this feature was reverted to “under consideration,” but a statement from the community manager said:

There are many very good idea submissions in this idea exchange. We love to get all your ideas. I would be even happier if I could set the idea to Implemented. However, with such a very broad idea, Wear OS (in this case) is a large category and encapsulates many devices, making it virtually impossible to set up in an implementation. All (wearable) devices are different and support different features. It is either platform, software, or hardware (limitation).

There are many things to unpack there. If this feature is implemented on all Android smartphones, all Samsung smartwatches, and all Windows PCs, this is pretty funny to say “impossible” and obviously not the real reason. In fact, it’s probably easier to implement this feature on Wear OS compared to other platforms, given the small differences in specifications between the different models.

Why is Spotify suppressing it? It’s quite possible that the company doesn’t have enough added value to justify development time, but in any case, Wear OS users are dissatisfied with this, especially given the misconceptions that occurred in this morning’s forum. I understand that you are feeling. For now, we have to keep waiting for this.

The Google Play Music app for Wear OS is one of the only easy ways to get offline music, and it’s been the case, so it’s a shame that this doesn’t happen either. Killed without replacement..

Wear OS Details:

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