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Spotify's iOS App Is Ready To Use With Lossless Music

Spotify’s iOS App Is Ready To Use With Lossless Music

It’s lossless week for streaming services, obviously! Later Apple Y Amazon yesterday, is Spotify announcing its offer today? In any case, the iOS application lets out a “HiFi” button that clearly announces the color, even if it is still a bug in the current version and you have to be very fast not to get lost.

Please do not blink, otherwise you will miss the hi-fi icon that is briefly displayed in the lower right corner of the screen.

The hi-fi icon appears surreptitiously in one corner of the playback screen, before disappearing almost immediately. Not fast enough to get away Chris Welch, journalist in The edge who even found time to take a screenshot.

The HiFi button that appears for a second on the playback screen of the Spotify application.

The fastest can even tap this button to bring up additional explanatory screens that are pretty clear on what to expect from Spotify subscribers. Baptist sent to us screenshots of these screens in French and we learned that the HiFi quality level is reserved for wired devices. It is logical, the Bluetooth is not able to manage the lossless, at apple as in Spotify.

Spotify’s explanations of the HiFi quality level, reserved for wired devices, as Bluetooth is incompatible with Lossless.

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