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Spryfield's $1 Million Rugby Clubhouse for "Game Changers"

Spryfield’s $1 Million Rugby Clubhouse for “Game Changers”

Spryfield’s Halifax community has earned $1 million to build a rugby clubhouse in the Graves-Oakley Memorial Park Field.

The announcement was made on Wednesday by federal, Nova Scotia and Halifax regional authorities.

“This is a game changer that can bring events, train, allow more athletes to participate in sports, and play high-level games,” said John Gillis of Tars Rugby Club. Said the chairman.

There are no plans for construction, but work will begin this fall and is expected to be completed by this time next year.

According to Canadian infrastructure, the two-story building is fully accessible, with four changing rooms on the ground floor and meeting and banqueting facilities on the top floor. There is also a deck so you can watch the game.

“The project will provide more opportunities for residents to get the most out of park facilities,” said Canada’s Infrastructure in a news release.

“long time no see”

Gillis said the clubhouse will also benefit other athletes who use the fields of the Graves Oakley Memorial Park, including athletes playing soccer, softball, and baseball.

There is currently no place for athletes to take a shower, change clothes, or a place for the audience to see or drink.

According to Gillis, the rugby community has been trying to get a clubhouse for the past four years.

“It’s been a while,” he said.

Rugby Nova Scotia State coach and Rugby Canada Academy coach Jack Hunrattty said the clubhouse announcement was “a big move to rugby in the state.”

“This has always been a dream for the past few years, but now that dream has become a reality,” said Hanratty.

Mr Hunratty said it would be good to have Graves Oakley a dedicated rugby facility.

“That means players, parents and children will be able to put themselves in a safe environment and play sports that we all love,” he said.