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Square Enix Becomes Part of Oasys Blockchain and Celebrates 'Web3 Gaming Excitement' • JPGAMES.DE

Square Enix Becomes Part of Oasys Blockchain and Celebrates ‘Web3 Gaming Excitement’ • JPGAMES.DE

In the current annual report, Square Enix also renewed the expression of intent and interest in the direction of new focus areas such as blockchain, AI, and cloud. There must be a “transformation of the business portfolio”.

Meanwhile, Square Enix and cloud gaming platform Blacknut have announced a partnership. Square Enix has made a strategic investment in the Paris-based company. Now Square Enix is ​​getting into the blockchain business.

What GamesIndustry reported, Square Enix from now on oasis work together. Along with 21 other companies, including Netmarmble and Com2uS, but also Sega and Ubisoft, Square Enix is ​​now one of 21 so-called node validators. These “validation nodes” are designed to ensure the security of the Oasys blockchain.

“We are excited to collaborate with the Oasys team and other members of the gaming community on this project. Our shared enthusiasm for Web3 gaming makes this an exciting partnership, and we look forward to gaining insights that can fuel the development of entirely new gaming experiences for gamers around the world.” Says Yosuke SaitoDirector, Square Enix Blockchain Entertainment Division.

Daiki Moriyama, Director of Oasys, adds: “Partnering with a respected and ambitious gaming company like Square Enix helps us accelerate our shared mission of bringing blockchain gaming to the masses. With our partnership, we will be able to create and enable truly new experiences as we establish the next phase of growth for blockchain entertainment.”

Oasys is scheduled to launch later this year.

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