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Stadia for iOS Hands-on: How well does it work? [Video]


Stadia is due to Apple’s App Store politics Now available Although it’s iOS, it’s not the traditional form of “app” that we’re all familiar with.

Unfortunately, Apple’s Apple isn’t able to “officially” play your favorite titles on the dedicated Stadia app on the iPad and iPhone. Impressive cyberpunk 2077..The stop gap option that was first pulled out and then revived Great stadium browser..

This effectively modified the user agent data to allow you to connect to Stadia. It’s a solid interim solution, but it’s not officially linked to Google or Stadia. Google’s solution for Stadia gamers and potential Stadia gamers on iOS to relax Apple’s strict App Store policy PWA or “Progressive Web App”..

Prior to the official release of the Stadia PWA, we spent about a week of hands-on time deciding how it would overlap with Android’s support.

Video — Stadia for iOS hands-on

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How do I get Stadia on my iPhone or iPad?

Unlike Android, to play Stadia properly on iOS, you don’t actually download anything on your iPhone or iPad. The process is a little different, but it’s never complicated. Playing on iOS is probably not a problem, but there are some small warnings to note due to the changes introduced in iOS 14.

As a result, Stadia for iOS cannot be played at all using applications obtained from Apple’s App Store. Instead, you need to use the Safari web browser on iOS to access the gaming platform and start playing. In effect, this reverts the dedicated app to a library management tool that was released over a year ago and is already in use.

With the recent iOS 14 update, you can now set the default browser for the first time on iOS, but you still need to use Safari to access Stadia. One thing to keep in mind here is that if you have already set Chrome or another mobile browser as the default, it is recommended that you set Safari as the default during this initial setup process until the PWA is installed. To do.

Launch Safari you haven’t signed in yet, you’ll be prompted to sign in to your account here. You can continue this if you wish, but a smarter way is to add a Stadia launch shortcut to your home screen.

That’s all you need to know about progressive web apps. It looks and feels like a native app, but it just launches a website. To avoid confusion, Stadia PWA has exactly the same color scheme you’ll find on your desktop or Chrome OS. Native apps that can’t play games will remain on a white background, but PWAs have a white Stadia logo on a red background.

To create a shortcut for Stadia’s home screen, go to Safari[共有]Press the button and then scroll down[ホーム画面に追加]Choose. This will create an app icon that you can launch by pressing the full-screen Stadia web app on your iOS device.

How to add the Stadia web app to your iOS home screen

  1. Open Safari
  2. go to
  3. Log in to your Stadia account
  4. Add shortcut to home screen

How does Stadia display, play and run on iOS?

In a nutshell, very well. The boot method is more common with desktop PCs or laptops than we are using Android, but Stadia for iOS works as expected. I love the ability to play games on the iPad Pro.

The iPhone and iPad in landscape orientation have some black borders on the screen, but the same is true for Android. The game ran smoothly with a stable connection, and even with mobile data, latency issues were minimized, but the Cyberpunk 2077 UI had the problem of being very hard to read on small displays.

[ストア]Of tabs or games[ライブラリ]When I opened the tabs, it felt a bit slow as I was forced to update each time I opened these sections. On Android, you may be able to preload these sections in the background to load them even faster.

Unlike Android, this runs within a mobile browser, so it can be played on mobile devices at resolutions up to 4K. I’m not sure if this is a glitch that resolves, but you can change the resolution from within the settings. This can result in data caps. The only thing missing at startup is the Google Assistant. It is not yet available in the browser.

One thing I note is how fast the Stadia Premiere controller pairing process is compared to trying to pair wirelessly with the Pixel 5. This process seems to be faster on iOS than on Android. At least it used to be. In my experience. You often need to press the pairing code several times before syncing your gamepad. Often you just plug it in to save time, but that’s not possible on iOS because the plugged-in gamepad isn’t recognized.

Of course, when playing with a mobile data connection, the modern iPhone 12 series has advantages thanks to the 5G connection feature. However, with 4G connectivity, using the same carrier, the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 Pro from Three UK, there was no immediate difference in locale.

What about third-party controllers?

The official Stadia controller works on iOS, but technically it doesn’t pair the gamepad with the smartphone, so it’s perfectly fine. It’s actually paired directly with the cloud session. This process is easy as long as you set up your existing Stadia controller and connect it to the same network as your iPhone or iPad.

The biggest bonus is that you can use the Bluetooth controller connected to your iPhone or iPad without any major problems. This can be annoying and problematic when using the stadium. This is a “true” implementation, so Bluetooth controllers such as the PS4 and Xbox One gamepad will work fine when synced with the device. Another thing to note here is that Stadia recognizes the controller layout and displays the appropriate on-screen controller-specific prompts without any issues.

I don’t personally know the issues or delays that can be identified from the official Stadia controller, but it depends on the state and stability of the local network. As long as you can pair your Bluetooth controller with your iOS device, it’s okay to use it effectively as a native gamepad in Stadia.

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