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Star Park, Collet, etc. appeared in Brolor Star at Brolor Talk

Supercell has released a new episode of Last night’s brawl talk Introduce upcoming changes Brawl star In the next season. According to it it will bring a “mini update” Brawl star It includes developers, and a fair amount of new features.

As always, new brawlers will join the game next season. It is a collet that is a rare character with a color similar to the previous Brower released this year.

Collet has a long attack range. She collects items from all other brawlers in the game. Her basic attacks are unique because damage is handled according to the character’s health. It makes her the perfect antitank fighter.

She doesn’t do a lot of damage to unhealthy enemies, but her supermarket makes up for it by providing the perfect finisher. It allows her to dash forward, damage all enemies along the way, and dash quickly and safely.

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Gift shops will be central to next season. We welcome many new skins, including Sugar Rush Candy, Mask Spike 8bit (which changes every time the player respawns), Poco Starr, Trixie Colette, Lunar Sprout, El Atomico and more.

Another major new feature next season is Star Park. It was featured in an old-fashioned promotional video hosted by a Japanese man in a suit. This announcement certainly stood out more than others Brawl star It’s a video, but it’s not clear what it brings. Not only is it a game mode, it is also a whole new part of the game.

The Supercell developers ended the Brawl Talk episode by explaining the qualifying for life changes in the game. Includes options to turn off bots in friendly matches and new rewards for free brawl passes, including free pin packs. New maps will be added and old maps will be returned to the game.

Second season Brawl star, Summer of Monsters ends 7th September 14th. A new season begins with new brawlers, battle passes, balance changes and more.