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Star Wars Episode 1: Racer zooms onto Switch and PS4

Star Wars Episode 1: Racer zooms onto Switch and PS4

Star Wars Episode 1: Racer, the unwieldily titled podracing video clip video game that was it’s possible the next most effective point to appear out of the prequel trilogy following “Duel of the Fates,” has been launched for the PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch. The game was to begin with meant to arrive out in May perhaps, but the launch obtained pushed back indefinitely. Now it is here for $14.99.

Episode 1: Racer is nonetheless a great futuristic racing match, which is as shocking now as it was again then. Most Star Wars game titles about the switch of the millennium have been awkward makes an attempt to shoehorn the license into a variety of genres, normally without the need of much achievement. Racer, nevertheless, benefited from extra appropriate source content: a movie scene that felt like it only at any time existed to provide a movie game in the 1st position.

Racer spins Episode 1’s podracing scene out into a galaxy-spanning motorsports league, where you vacation from planet to planet enjoying either as Anakin Skywalker or just one of the lots of alien competitors who obtained a few seconds of screen time in the motion picture. Its breakneck velocity and wide, well-created tracks are broadly equivalent to F-Zero, while there is a twist wherever you need to preserve an eye on the affliction of your individual pods and sluggish down to restore them when they’ve taken far too much hurt.

I’ve played the Change variation for a couple of hrs and I consider the match basically holds up, nevertheless there’s good and negative information about the excellent of the port. It seems to be wonderful for what it is, working in widescreen at indigenous resolution and a frequently continuous 60fps in handheld method. The menu technique has been revamped for contemporary screens, but the HUD graphics are oddly pixelated. The seem quality is seriously scratchy, for some cause, however it’s not as distracting by the Switch’s speakers.

This does feel like a small bit of a slapdash launch, but it performs properly adequate. I’d relatively participate in Episode 1: Racer this way than digging out an N64, at minimum, and even at $15 it is in fact one particular of the much more substantial racing games on the Change.