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Star Wars Video Games Earn Over $ 3 Billion For EA


Star Wars video games turned out to be a big business. Lucasfilm was acquired by Disney in 2012 for more than $ 4 billion. It proved to be a big investment, as it brought billions of dollars to box office revenue and huge commercialization potential. However, EA, which has exclusively published games set up within the franchise since the merger, recently revealed that their collaboration has generated more than $ 3 billion in revenue.

What was revealed was a recent EA earnings call. CEO Andrew Wilson was asked about user behavior. As a result, Wilson has become a little bragging about their achievements over the past few years and the enormous amount of money they have generated. This is what Wilson had to say about it.

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“We have created many great franchises. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Hero’s galaxy, Battle front, Jedi: Corrupted order And recently Squadron.. That’s more than $ 3 billion in online bookings and 52 million games sold. And the Galaxy of Heroes is a $ 1 billion franchise. We have established a very strong part of that franchise, so we should expect to continue investing in them and some new experiences across the platform for the future. “

Star Wars Video games have been a big part of the franchise for decades. Disney and EA seem to have succeeded in milking the cow for its value. is this, Battle front The game disappointed a huge section of the fan base. However, the Jedi Fallen Order proved to be a critical and commercial blockbuster.Needless to say, mobile games Hero’s galaxyAccording to Wilson, it’s a $ 1 billion franchise in itself.

But EA will soon be competing. Lucasfilm Games was recently launched to specifically handle the development of various franchises of the studio into video games. Other studios will participate in the action.For example, Ubisoft is working on an open world Star Wars game. However, Andrew Wilson is working on this issue and states that the EA’s output will not be reduced as a result.

“You wouldn’t expect the fact that others make Star Wars games to change their IP efforts or their ability to make the right number of games, and as I said before, we The long partnership with Disney has given us a great opportunity to actually establish a very powerful franchise, such as, before our monopoly period. Battle front, favorite Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, favorite Jedi: Corrupted order, favorite Squadron.. You should expect us to continue investing in our Star Wars relationships. So far, the net bookings have exceeded $ 3 billion, which is very beneficial and we look forward to what we can do in the future. But you shouldn’t necessarily read this as we are building fewer titles. “

For more information we know Jed Fallen Order The sequel is on the table.There are also rumors Knights of the Old Republic Remake as well.I will continue to post in the future Star Wars Video game news will be unfolded.This news is In search of alpha..

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