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Steam Deck: Compatible Games – How to Find Them


This is how you check which of your Steam Deck games are already running on launch. Source: Valve

Today, Friday, February 25, 2022, Valve’s Steam Deck will officially launch. However, the handheld cannot be bought like this. Rather, Valve is starting today to send out the first wave of confirmation emails to ship the products. So if you’ve pre-ordered a Steam Deck, it might be worth checking your email inbox after 7pm tonight. The other models will be shipped in stages, just as we would ship to you. here already explained

Important: If you receive a confirmation email, you have exactly 72 hours to complete the order. Consequently, the shipment of the devices will begin in three days, on February 28, 2022.

These games run on Steam deck

But in addition to the start of sending out the first confirmation emails for the Steam Deck, there’s another exciting opportunity to check out which games in your Steam library will definitely run on the Steam Deck at first. Additionally, the new landing page provides information on which games work with restrictions, which will not yet run on Valve’s new handheld, and which games have not yet been tested for compatibility or optimized.

Support is broken down into “Verified Library Titles for Deck (Currently)”, “Playable Library Titles in Deck (Currently)”, “Unsupported Library Games (Currently)”, and “Unsupported Library Titles from your library (currently)”. games in your library (at the moment).” Therefore, this list is continually updated at the following URL, so it’s definitely worth a regular visit.

In my example, “only” 60 out of almost 400 titles fall into one of the three test categories, but you can already get a first impression of whether some of the desired titles might sound particularly exciting for the Steam Deck. Popular titles that are already considered optimized include Rocket League, Control, Ark: Survival Evolved, Payday 2, Portal 2, Half-Life 2, and Left 4 Dead 2. The latter in particular aren’t much of a surprise, as Valve is also directly responsible. there as a developer.

But also Hitman, Risk of Rain 2 or Little Nightmares are already in a state optimized for play on the Steam Deck. The next category is a bit more difficult to assess. Because games that are classified in the “Playable” category may work differently on the Steam Deck. They do not meet at least one of the following requirements to be included in the category of “verified” games:

  • Input (The title is fully controller-aware, uses the correct glyphs for controller input, and automatically opens the on-screen keyboard when needed.)
  • Display (Game must support Steam Deck’s default resolution (1280×800 or 1280×720), have working default settings, and text must be legible.)
  • Integrity (the title must not display any compatibility warnings and the launcher, if present, must work with a controller).
  • System Support (If the game is running on Proton, it must support Proton, along with all associated middleware. This includes anti-cheat support.)

If you haven’t yet purchased a title on Steam, you can now check the Steam Deck Compatibility Details window to see what limitations may exist.

Some of the very popular games still in the playable category include:

  • 7 days to die
  • Valheim
  • Civilization VI
  • CS: GO
  • path of exile
  • dota 2
  • xcom 2
  • Skyrim
  • the city skyline
  • pillars of eternity
  • Among us

But there are already bigger names in the category of unsupported games. For example, if you currently enjoy playing Lost Ark, you won’t be able to do so successfully on the Steam Deck anytime soon, though optimizing it in the future is of course not impossible. Amazon Games’ second major game, New World, is also initially not compatible with the Steam Deck. Fall Guys, for example, is also annoying to read on this list. How cool would this party hit have been for a quick spin on the go?

You can check which of your games belong to which category here:

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