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Steam Deck: The tool shows what hardware is inside

Steam Deck: The tool shows what hardware is inside

A new update for the Steam Deck adds the ability to identify built-in components. The “Component Search View,” as Valve calls the feature, aims to provide more accurate information about hardware components and their manufacturers than was previously possible.

Not all steam covers are exactly the same. Apart from the amount of RAM, there are also differences in some components that are less in the spotlight. For example, users have found that Valve has fans for the deck made by different companies. In a blog post about the new component view, Valve now confirms that Delta and Huaying will build the fans.

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Until now, users haven’t been able to easily figure out which of the two fans is on its own deck, at least not without opening up the mobile console and taking a look inside. That’s changing with the new tool that’s part of the new Steam Deck firmware beta.

Those participating in the beta can access the component search view from Settings > System > “Model/Serial Numbers” in the “Hardware” section. The feature was implemented due to “increased customer interest,” Valve writes. Its goal is to provide more transparency and help with the purchase of replacement components. These are offered by iFixit. Valve also recently opened repair centers for the Steam Deck.

The list of components shown reflects only the components used at the time of manufacture. Updated components and replacement parts that were installed later are not recognized by the tool and do not appear in the view.


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