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Steam is now showing your "perfect game".Experimenting with an "open bazaar" approach to browsing

Steam is now showing your “perfect game”.Experimenting with an “open bazaar” approach to browsing

Go to the games section of your profile above vapor There is a new tab for perfect games. A list of games that have collected all achievements is displayed. It seems that the achievement showcase works that can be added to the profile have been upgraded and new ways to appear in the point shop have been added. This seems like a step towards that. As PlayStation owners say, you can let them know which game you’ve “platinated” and put it in a glossy digital display cabinet when it’s released.

There is also a new experimental option to give it a try Steam Lab This will bring you to the menu at the top of the storefront[新規および注目すべき]A section has been added[参照]Button[カテゴリ]It can be replaced with the button of. Among them are new ways to explore Steam, special sections (such as free play and virtual reality), genres (because there are sub-genres underneath, there are CRPGs, JRPGs, dungeon crawler under RPG). It is divided into. Etc.), themes (“selection is important”, LGBTQ + etc.), and finally social & players (cooperation, LAN, single player etc.).