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Steam Remote Play Together now supports users without Steam accounts

Valve announced that its function Remote play together now allows users to play with friends who do not have a Steam account. The feature is currently in beta for those who choose the beta version of the Steam client.

Remote Play Together is a Steam feature that makes it easy to stream local multiplayer games with friends over the Internet. You can now send users an invitation to your game with a link, allowing them to join by downloading the app. Steam link.

Steam Remote Play Together – functionality is easy to use

According to Valve, there are thousands of games compatible with Steam Remote Play Together. You can access your games that support the feature by clicking the advanced filter options icon in your library and then selecting Remote playback in Functionality. Valve said that you can also hit Save to create a smart collection.

Shared valve more details how the beta function works; You can invite anyone with a link and your friend will be invited to install the Steam Link app before connecting. Once installed, Steam Link allows a quick connection to your gaming session. If your friend has Steam installed, it will be used to facilitate the session.

A player can be invited to their Remote Play Together gaming session via a link; a Steam account is not required. You can invite other Steam friends to your game by right-clicking on them in the Friends List and then selecting Remote Play Together.

You can send a link to your friends at Windows, ios, Android me Raspberry Pi. Valve said players with their own controllers could join in right away. If you are the host and have your own controller, you can choose to share keyboard and mouse control with a remote player in the Steam overlay.

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If you don’t want to use Steam Link, you can give it a try Parsec, which has long offered Steam Link-like functionality. Parsec’s service allows users to host a multiplayer gaming session on their PC or rent one to stream from the cloud. With the pandemic forcing gamers to stay home, it is more difficult to get together with friends to play multiplayer games. The latest Steam feature doesn’t completely replace the experience of playing in person with friends, but it is close to that.