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Stephen Hawking 80th Birthday Stephen Hawking Google Doodle Remembers Theoretical Physicist with Doodle Headline PX


Stephen Hawking’s Birth Anniversary: World Famous Physicist Pvt. Today is Stephen Hawking’s birthday. He passed away in 2018 at the age of 76. Hawking’s research on the theory of the Big Bang, the black hole, is an important contribution to physics. Considering your contribution Google also made a special doodle for his 80th birthday (Stephen Hawking 80th birthday). (Doodle) is done. Google today featured an account of his life in a scrawl in a special video. Computer generated voice is also used.

Stephen Hawking was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a neurodegenerative disease, at the age of 21. Gradually, his movements slowed down. He lost the ability to speak. But in 1980, they continued the conversation in a computer-generated voice created by MIT engineer Dennis Klatt. We can hear a flash of your voice in today’s Google Doodle. In this he is seen talking about Black Holes.

Stephen Hawking was a source of inspiration for scholars around the world. A phrase that Hawking uttered registered as an inspirational thought.

Some Important Thoughts From Stephen Hawking
Life would be a tragedy if there was no fun
Even though I can’t move, I have to use a computer to talk, I’m free
Always look at the stars in the sky, don’t look under your feet. Try to understand what you see. Keep your curiosity aroused.
No matter how difficult life is, you can get through it. You will succeed!
We have to do everything we can. But do not regret what is not in your hands
My advice to the disabled is to pay attention to the things that will not stop you from doing your disability, or your disability will not stop you. Remember not to paralyze the soul and body.
Aggression is man’s worst habit. Aggression destroys civilization.
There is nothing that can never be done
Those who make claims about their IQ fail
Nothing bigger and older than the universe

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