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Steve Cohen wants to meet his fans in Citi Field


Photo: The Wall Street Journal

According to sources, Steve Cohen is as worried as he sees fans re-entering the stadium with full capacity in 2021.

Basically, Cohen is expected to work in Citi Field soon after approval to take control of Mets becomes official within a few weeks.

The goal is to bring Mets and Citi Field employees back to work and open the door to the opening round in April. Cohen, of course, wants a packed house or a limited number of fans, as is all baseball.

But in the end, the decision is in the hands of government and medical guidelines in line with COVID. The direction the coronavirus is heading is as difficult as understanding how analysis has changed a baseball game.

All the money Steve Cohen will eventually bring will hopefully and eventually lead to the long-awaited championship flag at Citi Field.

And, as sources say, Steve Cohen is patiently moving forward. He is watching the World Series like you and I. Cohen sees how the protocol works for the 11,000 fans who entered the Globe Lifefield in Arlington, Texas.

I first admit that the shortened 2020 MLB season has resumed and was unlikely to reach its final peak of winning a new World Series championship. Baseball survived in the midst of a pandemic in late October.

It took a lot of effort, effort and cooperation. Of course, MLB had the human resources and money to ensure that this was reached.

The team hesitated and confused the schedule as it ensured the proper medical protocol. Steve Cohen was also watching as the shortened season progressed, and with imminent sales.

Cohen is anxious to place the winning team on the field. But he’s also cautious, and it’s a long way from now until April when it comes to the decision to open Citi Field’s gates.

Remember that Steve Cohen is also about business. And this is a baseball business, working with 29 other owners. It works with the baseball committee office.

Whether or not you agree with the 16 teams in the extended playoff format, MLB has devised ways to make the game more interesting. Whether there are fans in the baseball stadium, that means more games. This will increase the revenue of teams where TV revenue is important.

But in my opinion, the format needs to be returned to the winner of each league division and the two wildcard teams. Again, my opinion and yours are meaningless as the powers make the decisions.

The main concern is to retain fans. The main goal is to ensure that Mets is one of the teams that will play baseball a year later and have proper medical protocols in place under the new front office regime.

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