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Stop messing with WhasApp functionality - here's how it works

Stop messing with WhasApp functionality – here’s how it works

It’s very easy to disable automatic photo transfer.

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On an Android smartphone, all photos and recordings that are sent or received in chats are also saved and displayed in the smartphone’s photo gallery. This means that selfies, memes, screenshots, etc. they also end up in the overview. Your own photos usually appear twice.

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The function is annoying

This creates a poor overview and is therefore one of the most annoying features of the messaging service. Because in reality these images have no place in your own photo gallery. Many smartphone owners just want to see the photos they took with their mobile phones. Fortunately, you can also prevent WhatsApp image streaming to your own photo gallery.

How to stop automatic display

In fact, it works quite easily. Specifically, only three steps are required for deactivation:

  1. Open WhatsApp settings

  2. Click on the menu item “Chats”

  3. There is the option “Media Visibility”. If disabled, photos are no longer displayed in the smartphone image gallery.

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Own album

After deactivation, the images are still saved in the Photos app, but they no longer appear in the overview. Users can only find them in the “WhatsApp” album. So, you get the desired overview in the photo gallery.

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