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Strange Journey (DS, 2010) Video Game Music Review


Welcome to Morning Music, KotakuIs a daily hangout for those who love video games and their cool sounds. Check out today Shin Megami Tensei: Strange JourneySpecifically, how to make this difficult RPG much more disastrous by taking advantage of the annoying oppressive vocals on its soundtrack. Yup!

2010 Nintendo DS SMT spin off Strange journey (playlist / Gameplay / VGMdb) — The development team thought this was enough Become potential Shin Megami Tensei IV— Following a research group sent by the United Nations to study a phenomenon known as the United Nations.Black world.. From the outside, Schwarzwert looks like a simple black mass floating above Antarctica, but UN mission soldiers and scientists discover that the slowly expanding area has another dimension. did. this is SMT, They will eventually learn to control the devil, face some gods, and fight for the future of mankind.

Despite being a handheld system turn-based game Strange journey It’s stress. All new realms embody certain negative aspects of the human mind. At one point, you may be crossing a fierce battlefield littered with dead corpses, but next you’re picking up dirty backstreets in the red-light district and shopping malls with posters demanding consumption. .. The experience of claustrophobia is further disturbed by the soundtrack.

While Strange journeySoundtrack Is the standard price for the early part of the game. When the character steps into Schwarzwert, the soundtrack actually begins. The styling of the previous orchestra was “Burnt KingdomAll the words are supported by incomprehensible chanting. When my character was exploring a ruthless environment, I always imagined what the devil was seeing. Their voice combined with a noisy echoing chorus.

Atlus / Megaten Music (YouTube) Note: YT embedded titles Official OST..

Strange journey It’s full of such trucks. I remember playing the game when it was first released and marveling at the way composer Shoji Meguro,frequently Shin Megami Tensei The contributor used vocals to convey such a compelling horror to the adventure. The audience was watching all my steps and felt like the protagonist was describing the battle for survival in both ancient and terrifying languages. The demon of this universe is said to have been born from the sins of mankind, and its legacy is hidden in the names of subsequent trucks such as “Kingdom of Death,” “Kingdom of Waste,” and “Kingdom of Rotten.” I will.

Atlus / Megaten Music (YouTube)

As the game continues, these exaggerated tracks eventually give way to many of the orchestral themes. Strange journey, But the chanting is “Hold the shield and raise the spear.. For the past few years, I’ve forgotten the complexity of the story, but when I re-listen to this track, the journey is over and the protagonists are in chaos with the law. Mankind may have contributed to Schwarzwert’s existence with desire and greed, but in the face of complete extinction, we cannot be said to be persistent.

Atlus / Megaten Music (YouTube)

I’m not really a huge video game music guy. That’s usually the last thing you don’t notice when playing a game. But Strange journey A notable exception was the game that dramatically attacked the soundtrack, which became part of my experience. I’m not playing Strange journey For quite some time, but Meguro’s reliance on vocal accompaniment, the game really sets the mood in a way that is rare for me.

I may not be back around these parts Let us know in the comments how your day is shaped for a while, and maybe share some of your favorite tracks Strange journeyAlso. I feel like I’m on another path of a difficult adventure these days, but for the next few minutes, relax and talk about some good music. Until next time!

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