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Streamer Payouts: Wallester’s Instant Payment Card Solutions for the Streaming World


The popularity of streaming has reached unprecedented heights in the last few years. People are interested in following funny and charismatic characters, adopting their experience, and behavior, taking their example and using their advice. And if before, the interest was only online broadcasts of games, now popular streams from any area of life, ranging from music and sports, ending with cooking. Everything popular in the modern virtual world necessarily brings money, and streaming is no exception.

Features of Earning Money on Streaming

Streamers used to get money for participating in affiliate programs, but now there are many other ways to earn money from live streaming. Let’s list the most popular of them:

  1. Donations. During the stream, the streamer asks the audience to donate any or a certain amount of money to him. But this is not just a request, but payment for fulfilling some task. For example, the streamer can answer a donation to someone’s question in the chat, send someone a personal greeting or congratulate them on the holiday. Donations can also be collected for a specific purpose.
  2. Adverts. Commercials can be scrolled on the streaming platform, or the streamer can advertise some product by fixing a link in the chat, making a review or giving a personal recommendation.
  3. Paid access. It can be provided to private streams or closed channels. You can also sell recordings of broadcasts. Subscribers who have paid access have the right to turn off advertising during the stream.
  4. Direct sales. Streamer receives money for the presentation of a certain product or a percentage of the sale of goods they advertise.

Using one of the methods of earning money or all at once, streamers can earn good money. Streamers can get paid directly from the advertiser or through a streaming platform. Streamers benefit from earning through inline methods, as many platforms make it much easier to withdraw earnings.

Features of Withdrawal of Funds From Streaming Platforms

Most streaming platforms allow you to withdraw money after reaching a certain amount on the balance and only within a certain timeframe. Withdrawal of funds from the balance is carried out through third-party electronic services or bank transfers. The system has several disadvantages:

  • the complicated process of earning money on the platform;
  • limitation of opportunities for the streamer who creates a new account;
  • general negative impression of the streamer about the service.

Card Issuing through Wallester’s platform will completely solve these problems.

Benefits of Wallester’s Solutions for Streaming Platforms

With Wallester’s Payment Card Solution, streaming platforms can organize instant customer payments. What it provides:

  • immediately after registering on the platform, the streamer receives a Visa debit card. At his discretion, he can immediately personalize it after receiving it;
  • earnings are immediately credited to the card;
  • instant access to the streamer’s funds;
  • funds on the card can be used to make online purchases, pay for goods and services via POS terminals, and withdraw money from ATMs.

With Wallester’s payment solution, streaming platforms solve the problem of inconvenient withdrawal of funds streamers have earned.

Why Wallester?

Many companies offer Co-brand Solutions and various quite favorable software products that can solve the problem with instant withdrawal of funds for streamers. But there are several reasons to use the services of Wallester specifically. Let’s list the main ones:

  • Cards are issued instantly. Physical and virtual cards can be issued. With their help, you can make purchases online, pay for them through POS terminals and withdraw money from ATMs. These can be debit, credit and prepaid cards;
  • Fraud is monitored. A special monitoring service checks every transaction on cards issued by the Wallester platform. It identifies fraudsters, prevents fraud and reduces the likelihood of cardholders losing money;
  • White-Label Card Issuing. This solution allows issuing of branded cards. It is an ideal option for business personalization. Such cards make the streaming platform more recognizable and increase customer loyalty to it;
  • Cost control. On each card, you can set transaction and spending limits depending on the country or category of the customer.

Wallester offers streaming platforms an efficient payment instrument that will meet the needs of most users worldwide.

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