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STU's Second Star Ability is available on Brawl Stars

STU’s Second Star Ability is available on Brawl Stars

STU’s second star ability is now available in Brawl Stars

The second stellar ability of STU on Brawl Stars which will give a sprint to its health points.

STU is the latest brawler to be introduced to Brawl Stars and, like any brawler, received the star abilities one at a time. The first Star Skill is called Zero friction, and increases the distance traveled by STU by 71%.

This ability is used a lot as STU recharges its Super after 1 hit, so having 71% more distance also increases the power of this new Brawl Stars brawler.

But what does Stu’s Second Star Ability do instead? Is the first or second more convenient?

Regenerating Drift – STU’s second Star ability

STU’s second star ability is called Regenerating degummed, and from the name we can already understand what its use is. Regenerating = Heal, so this new STU star ability does nothing but regenerate of 500 health points every time STU uses the Super.

After reading the description of STU’s second star ability, I honestly have some doubts as to which of the two is the poorer. Definitely the Second Star Ability is very useful as it would heal STU of 500 health points, every time he uses the Super and as we all know, STU charges the Super after every hit he hits.

What do you think is the strongest Star Ability to use with STU? Answer everyone in this survey: CLICK HERE to VOTE

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