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Submerged: Hidden Depths – 3D Non-Combat Adventure Launch

Join Miku and Taku on their new adventure in Submerged: Hidden Depths. Source: Uppercut Games

The Canberra-based developer uppercut games have today Submerged: Hidden Depths Released on Steam, EPIC Games Store, Xbox systems, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. It is the sequel to the 3D adventure released in 2015 submerged.

sun, sea and silence. In the stunning yet post-apocalyptic world of Submerged: Hidden Depths, protagonists Miku and Taku must explore a submerged city, scale the ruins of skyscrapers and the remnants of a lost civilization to free themselves from the clutches of a dark secret and find out what… what happened. The remains of the city provide an eerie contrast in Submerged: Hidden Depths as players discover all the richness and beauty of the world while feeling the emptiness only brothers can see.

Submerged: Hidden Depths Trailer:

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As a non-combat game, Submerged: Hidden Depths relies on tension and relaxation to maintain the atmosphere throughout the game. A key contributor to this is BAFTA award-winning Jeff Van Dyck’s scenic soundtrack, which resonates throughout the abandoned city and offers the player an atmospheric experience.

Ed Ormanco-founder of Uppercut Games:

“Reflecting on our time with Submerged: Hidden Depths is extraordinary. Starting with Google Stadia and continuing with the release on PC and console. As a team, we often put in a lot of effort and learned a lot in the development of our games; Submerged: Hidden Depths was no different. Building on what we started in Submerged has been a lot of fun, mainly because we’ve been able to stay true to the relaxed feel that’s at the core of the game.”

Submerged: Hidden Depths is the sequel to Submerged (2015) and now offers gamers on PS5, PS4, PC and Xbox systems a contemplative adventure to get away from it all.

Submerged: Hidden Depths screenshots: