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Sunday’s Question: Will Linux Make A Breakthrough In Gaming Thanks To Valve In 2022?


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Starting in February, the Valve Steam Deck, a Zen 2 and RDNA 2-based handheld game console, will ship with SteamOS. In the end, will this also help Linux achieve its latest breakthrough in gaming? Will Linux become a sustainable platform for PC gamers, or will Windows still have the upper hand?

Will Linux Make A Breakthrough In Gaming Thanks To Valve In 2022?

A full-fledged handheld PC that is designed as a portable gaming console with a custom APU produced in 7nm, combining a CPU with Zen 2 architecture and an RDNA 2 GPU based on Van Gogh or Dragon Crest, and with SteamOS 3.0 in a distribution specially designed for gamers based on Arch Linux It must be the breakthrough for Linux as a gaming platform!

Or not? Does Valve even secretly doubt the success of the internal operating system and is therefore working on compatibility with Windows 11? Or will SteamOS be able to establish itself on PCs and laptops too?

Valve has downsized its operating system from 24 GB to 10 GB and would like to make the distribution even more streamlined and efficient, and the transition from handheld to desktop should be seamless.

Good prerequisites for progress in gaming under Linux, if not completely without ulterior motives, Valve is making the final SteamOS 3.0 available for free, but is that enough? What contribution can Proton based on Wine and the free Mesa 3D graphics library make?

The editors have accompanied the positive development of Linux as a gaming platform in 2021 with numerous contributions, but once again the forum community is being asked the current question on Sunday.

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Linux as a gaming platform? Your opinion is requested!

What do you think Linux can achieve as a gaming platform in 2022 with the help of distros like SteamOS, Nitrux, and Garuda, as well as new APIs and Steam Deck support as a workhorse? Or will Microsoft continue to triumph over open source and free software with Windows 10 and Windows 11?

Editors are happy for every vote cast and for well-founded reasons in the comments of this poll on the ComputerBase forum.

If Valve were able to set up a usable gaming operating system with SteamOS 3.0 and lay the groundwork for gaming on Linux, would it consider Linux as an alternative to Windows? Or will Windows remain the undisputed operating system of choice when it comes to gaming?

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