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Super Mario Sunshine fans recreate Delfino Plaza with Tony Hawk's professional skater

Super Mario Sunshine fans recreate Delfino Plaza with Tony Hawk’s professional skater

Mario is one of the best parts of Super Mario Sunshine, so you can fly around Delfino Plaza and explore familiar locations on your skateboard. One player recreated the game’s best hub world as a skatepark with Tony Hawk’s Pro Skaters 1 + 2. This is also not a mod. Created in the game’s official park editor, anyone can access and play it. ..

Fans of Redditor and Super Mario Sunshine Ganders Tank 16 I used Remake Park Creator to duplicate the layout of Delfino Plaza. It doesn’t have the graphic appeal of the original, but there are railings everywhere to help you through waterways and tunnels. The original version of Super Mario Sunshine’s tunnel system makes it easy to navigate major areas and is also used in certain individual courses. There are many places on this map. However, it doesn’t do too many vert tricks.

It lacks some of the visual details of the original game, but it’s a very good recreation.

It took four days to complete the park. If this gets enough attention from skaters, we plan to create more Mario-themed maps.Delfino Plaza has also been remade by creators at other levels-they include a take in a sunny place Halo map editor What the fans recreated a few years ago. That has few kick flips.

After how much Tony Hawk’s ProSkater 1 + 2 has sold, we’ll see a lot of map creation like this. Activision says it The fastest game to achieve sales of 1 million copies in franchise history.. That’s not surprising, According to critics, Because the remake is packed with a lot of content.

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“Playing a newly remade level is a lot of fun, and that’s enough to call Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 a success,” said Matt Paget at GameSpot. Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 +2 Review.. “But with smart additions and a compelling challenge system, it’s not just easy to skate Tony Hawk’s past.”

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