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Super People: Battle Royale enters early access in October

Super People superhero battle royale starts in Early Access. Source: Wonder People

The new Battle Royale is already looking forward to it good people from South Korean developer wonder people. Although the game builds on many of the familiar elements, it expands on the typical Battle Royale structure with many exciting mechanics and would like to give players a particularly comfortable start.

In Super People, players take on the role of a super-soldier endowed with superhuman abilities. So every match becomes a battle between superheroes. A simple crafting system, fast game progress, and high accessibility should offer a new and exciting alternative to well-known Battle Royale titles.

After there have already been several testing attempts in the past, Super People should finally start in Early Access after the beta phase. The developers are currently preparing for the release of Super People and would like to thank the fans in particular.

Wonder People in the upcoming early access:

“From Alpha testing last August to Final Beta, our game has come a long way thanks to the love and support of our Super Soldiers, and now Early Access is just around the corner.

We owe you everything you allowed SUPER PEOPLE to get here.

We recognize the growing expectation and passion that Super Soldiers have for our game.
We promise that we will do our best to make Early Access live up to those expectations.

We’ll be particularly focused on class balance, TTK, and the game’s economy based on the data we’ve collected so far. Optimization and security are also one of our top improvement priorities.

Last but not least, during the live stream, we talked about the detailed schedule and information about our next Early Access. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can catch up now!”

By this, the developers mean the Next stage for super people live stream You can watch the replay here:

Early Access to Super People

The release of Super People Early Access was also announced with the broadcast. It is scheduled to take place on October 10 (PDT (UTC-7): 2022/10/10) and include some changes.

Upcoming Changes in Early Access:

  • New Content: Base Change
  • Balance adjustment in class and TTK
  • League of Super Tournaments depending on the ranks of the soldiers
  • Balance adjustment in the Super Tournament
  • New class: Demolisher

You can find more information about Super People here:

SUPER PEOPLE Early Access Launch Approaching – Final Beta Before Launch