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Superman and Nerd: Henry Cavill Still Working on His Gaming PC


“I’m like Superman and The Witcher Henry Cavill.” Many of our readers can say that. However, this does not mean his acting talent or his physique, but rather his enthusiasm for games. The 39-year-old even builds his own PC; now there has been an update.

Superman, heartthrob, gamer and nerd icon. This combination is not exactly common, but it definitely applies to the British actor. And it must be emphasized that the whole thing is not just false, it is actually meant seriously.

Cavill once said that he originally missed out on the promise to play Superman. Because when he got the call, he was very busy: he was in the middle of a World of Warcraft raid. The Netflix series The Witcher was also implemented in part because Cavill personally campaigned as a player on CD Projekt implementations.

superman screws

As mentioned, Cavill doesn’t buy his PCs off the shelf, instead he uses screwdrivers and thermal paste himself. Two years ago he posted on Instagram Video posted, which showed him playing on a PC. Back then, he built his (Ryzen) computer himself with patience and enthusiasm. Even then, Cavill said at the end of the video that it was realistically just the beginning. Well, the actor recently posted an update saying it was time to fix the cooling: “Due to excessive shipping over the years and no doubt the recent heat wave, my AIO cooler has decided to give up the ghost,” Cavill writes. “So I decided to replace my fans when I replaced them.”

Cavill chose a model from Austrian manufacturer Noctua and was also delighted: “These little beauties work well and are quiet. I have two more on the way to complete the set, but I got enormously impatient and installed the ones I had anyway.”

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