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Surface Duo becomes a gaming handheld

Surface Duo becomes a gaming handheld

Remember the trailer for the Surface Duo announcement? If not, you can watch it again here. In one scene you can see the small dual screen surface with Android as a gaming device. Thanks to the dual screen configuration, the device can be used as a Nintendo DS. But when the duo was released, there was no trace of this feature. But with the latest update to the Xbox Game Pass Beta app, xCloud titles that support touch control can now be played in dual screen mode. Very cool!

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Xbox Game Pass app now supports dual screen for Surface Duo

Surface Duo: unboxing and first impressions

Games like Minecraft Dungeons or Gears of War 5, which have support for touch control, can now be played with the duo in the style of a Nintendo DS. The game itself is displayed on one screen and the controls on the screen below. Gears 5 is also compatible with the duo’s gyroscope. So you can look around the game when you move the device. Developers can customize the touch screen control elements.

Good to see that this feature is finally rolling out. On Twitter, non-duo owners were also quite impressed. The list of supported games is still manageable, but is likely to grow in the future as Microsoft wants to further expand xCloud and game streaming. To use the feature, you need an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription and the beta version of the Game Pass Android app.

Xbox Game Pass (Beta)
Xbox Game Pass (Beta)

How do you find the ability to use the duo as a handheld? Have you already tried the function?

via Windows Central