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Survey: Who are the most toxic gamers?

The results of a new video game study, directed by a professional psychologist, were announced, claiming that Xbox gamers are more likely to be “toxic” than PlayStation, PC, and Nintendo gamers.

The Buss Perry Aggression Questionnaire consisted of 29 questions sent to 964 gamers across the UK, tracking four major categories: physical attack, verbal attack, anger and hostility. Research shows that Xbox leads all four categories.

In terms of the actual game where this matters, competitive online multiplayer with a military or sports angle has guided the “Call of Duty”, “Battlefield”, and “FIFA” franchises above.

Interestingly, the Nintendo “Animal Crossing” franchise also came in fourth. Automatic online player. “

Minecraft users had more open hostility than any of the other games on the list, but did not lead to real aggression. “Pokemon” users also scored high in terms of verbal aggression.

Time is also a factor. Those who spend 11-20 hours a week in a week are the most aggressive, with more users below the level at which they play the game. Those who use less than five hours a week in the most casual ways were the least aggressive.

Its aggression can also be translated physically. Research shows that the most physically aggressive gamers are 25% more likely to damage the controller, console, or game disc than the least aggressive gamers.

Men are 55% more likely to break game consoles than women, and based on their main game choices,
Call of Duty and FIFA players were most likely to break game consoles, but less than 1,000 people destroyed or destroyed 438 Xbox and PS4 controllers over the past year. ..

Source: Top10 casino (via Movieweb)