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Survival MMO SamuTale is Free to Play Until October 15

Survival MMO Samu Tale is free to play until October 15th

Updated graphics, raid mechanism, etc.

Along Puorna Shanker September 16, 2020 news | 0

SamuTale, Survival Sandbox MMOs are free to play until October 15th, the 4th anniversary of Early Access.

Players can try out the game as a trial member and experience the latest major updates featuring a completely revamped game world that explores six different biomes. Improvements include updated graphics, new craftable items, objects, and buildings. New professions are also included in the update.

And for the first time, the raid mechanism is available as part of the update. During the trial period, all founder packs will run at a 20% discount and a new “Diamond” pack will also be introduced. If you are not used to SamuTale, It’s a multiplayer open world sandbox game with village buildings, player housing, survival, agriculture and livestock, full root PVP, real-time tree and plant growth, crafting and more.

Learn more about the free play period Here is


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