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Take-Two wants to release more than 60 games by 2024

Take-Two wants to release more than 60 games by 2024

Through some internal Take-Two documents, some interesting details have emerged about the company’s long-term intentions. Thus we discover the willingness to publish 62 games by the end of fiscal year 2024. We immediately specify that among these there are not only great titles for consoles but also minor works and productions for free to play mobile devices. So we are talking about a long series of releases planned for 2022, 2023 and 2024 that do not yet have defined titles or more precise release periods.

GTA 5 Michael Franklin

To go into details, the documents refer to 4 very important titles including NBA 2K22, 2 new intellectual properties, and a previously unreleased game from an existing franchise, launching during fiscal 2022. Next on the list is OlliOlli World, announced only in recent weeks by the Private Division, 10 titles for iOS and Android, and 6 reissues of works already published, come to port e remaster.

Regarding the publication expectations of 2023 and 2024, Take-Two increases the caliber of releases, aiming to release 19 high-profile titles and 5 standalone games. Also for this period the desire arises to publish 10 productions on mobile platforms as well as 4 minor titles and even only 4 reissues of previously released games. Given the enormous amount of production that will be produced and marketed, Take-Two has hired 1,500 new employees in the last two years, necessary to support and maximize the development of all these titles.

NBA 2K21

Let’s talk about huge numbers, which stand out a clear publisher expansion and a willingness to aim big with many long-term plans. It is difficult to define which titles are included in these, which is why, for example, we cannot yet know for sure if jobs like GTA 6 will fall into these projects or if Take-Two will still take a while to refine the title. As always, we recommend that you stay connected on our pages so as not to miss any updates, which could also arrive during the next E3 2021.

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