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Tapia has already left the clinic and is waiting in a URI to be sent to a jail

Tapia has already left the clinic and is waiting in a URI to be sent to a jail

He was hospitalized at the La Misericordia Clinic in Barranquilla, where he was notified of his arrest in the Poblado Centers case.

The condemned contractor Emilio Tapia, also investigated for the scandal that broke out after the controversial contract between the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications and the Unión Temporal Centros Poblados, seeks to avoid being confined in prison at all costs, of which various sources have said that it would be the La Modelo prison, from Bogota.

For these purposes, this Tuesday a hearing was organized in Malambo, Atlántico, for a judge to define whether to send him to a prison, or to send him to a prison. battalion located in the same municipality, as intended by the contractor.

His lawyer, Alejandro Sánchez, argued that it is necessary to confine him in that military garrison because in La Modelo there would be security issues for your client.

However, Iván Cancino, attorney of the MinTic – victim in this case -, refused the contractor’s claim, since “Malambo, nowhere, enters the panorama of this case; and the choice of the judge of guarantees cannot be the whim of the parties ”.

Tapia’s request was also rejected by the Prosecutor’s Office and the Attorney General’s Office, which said that the defendant has optimal health conditions to be confined in a jail.

Thus, while his transfer is pending, EL COLOMBIANO learned that the person convicted of the Bogotá recruitment carousel It is found in a URI of the Prosecutor’s Office, in Barranquilla, and that has not yet been made available to the National Penitentiary and Prison Institute (Inpec).

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