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Tata will offer Xiaomi MI 11 T smartphone for free; Did you get this message too?


This message is in English language and shows you the temptation to be selected among the 50 lucky ones. | xiaomi MI 11 T

Give the correct answers, get Xiaomi MI 11 T smartphone for free. Don’t forget this message.

Mumbai: Currently, a message on behalf of the Tata Company is going viral on social media. It is claimed that Xiaomi’s MI 11T smartphone will be given away for free if you participate in a Tata survey. However, the message is false and the police have instructed to be careful with it. (Tata Company Fake Survey Message About Free Xiaomi MI 11 T Smartphone)

This message is in English language and shows you the temptation to be selected among the 50 lucky ones. Do not click on any of the links in this message, the police and the Tata company have clarified.

What exactly is this message?

You have been selected for our survey. It will only take a minute. And you will receive a great gift item, Xiaomi MI 11 T smartphone for free. On Wednesday we selected 50 people. All of them will have a chance to win a prize. There will be 50 lucky winners. This survey is done to check our quality. There will also be a 100 percent prize. You just need to answer this survey question in 4 minutes and 24 seconds and you have a chance to win a prize. Hurry, the amount of prizes is limited

Deception of citizens under the name of ‘Valentine’s Offer’

You will receive a special prize from the Taj Hotel on the occasion of Valentine’s Day and the false message that you have been stayed at the Taj Hotel also went viral on social networks recently. Taj Hotel coupons went viral on WhatsApp. With these coupons you can stay at the Taj Hotel for free for 7 days. You have 3 possibilities. Good luck. ‘

Clicking Accept to claim a gift card on this website opens another page. Here are some questions to ask. After answering what other page opens. Where 12 boxes of the Tata logo appear. Clicking on it will tell you if you have won a gift card. You are also tasked with sending this message to 5 other groups and 20 people.

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(Tata compnay fake survey message about free xiaomi MI 11 T smartphone)

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