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Team Fordzilla P1 Race Car Makes Its Gaming Debut In GRID Legends Racing Game


Born in virtual space, made the leap into reality and now freely available to all fans of the digital world: Team Fordzilla’s P1 racer is the world’s first virtual racer, the result of a collaboration between the gaming community and the designers of an automobile manufacturer. . Three months after its online presentation, Ford had already shown a full-scale prototype. At this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​(June 23-26), the final stage of development of the TFZ-P1, to give it its full name, is now showing its finished game design to the public. Sim racers can now download it for free and see it in action in the Codemasters game “GRID Legends”.

“Today we have come full circle: we are delivering on our promise and putting the TFZ-P1 back in the hands of gamers,” said Boris Ferko, Ford of Europe Design Manager. “Here at the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​we are also offering the opportunity to drive the TFZ-P1 in GRID Legends and sit in the real prototype. No one should miss out on the experience of this fascinating combination of real and virtual worlds.” The completed first phase of the TFZ-P1 project has just scratched the surface of what is possible. We will continue to work to blur the lines between the digital and physical experience in the future.”

The TFZ-P1 is now available as a free download on “GRID Legends”. The automotive avatar belongs to the “Trackday Hypercars” class and has a unique design. Online gamers can expect a power output of over 1,064 hp and a top speed of over 354 km/h. A special “GRID Legends” challenge will kick off in parallel with the P1 in-game premiere. Until July 29, it offers players the opportunity to achieve the fastest lap time in the spectacular new race car.

To mark the in-game premiere of the digital TFZ-P1, Ford is presenting a special display at the Goodwood Festival of Speed: the real life prototype in full size, already featured in exclusive virtual model livery. It offers on-site visitors the opportunity to test drive a seat in the cockpit and serves as a full racing simulation platform from which the TFZ-P1 can be controlled live in “GRID Legends.” In other words, the actual exhibit acts as both a gaming simulator and a complete live streaming platform. In this way, the real and virtual worlds are closer than ever.

Real prototype with exclusive in-game design and as a game simulator at the Goodwood Festival of Speed
© Ford-Werke GmbH

“GRID Legends” Delivers Exciting and Diverse Motorsports Action

Codemasters, one of the world’s most successful providers of virtual racing games, worked closely with Electronic Arts on the development of “GRID Legends.” EA is one of the leading publishers of games for consoles, computers, and mobile devices. The online platform offers numerous new and proven gameplay options, including an extensive “career” mode with over 250 events and cross-platform multiplayer. With “Driven to Glory” there is also a revolutionary story mode to choose from. Players will compete for the “GRID World Series” in an exciting motorsports story that combines virtual production technology with gameplay. “GRID Legends” runs on Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

The rapid development history of the TFZ-P1

The TFZ-P1 project started in March 2020: Ford called on the online gaming community to submit their ideas and visions for a new racing car via Twitter. Among other things, they were able to vote on the seating configuration, the engine installation position and the cabin layout. Over 250,000 votes were received during the poll period.
TFZ-P1 is the world's first virtual racing car jointly developed by the gaming community and a car manufacturer.
TFZ-P1 is the world’s first virtual racing car jointly developed by the gaming community and a car manufacturer.
© Ford-Werke GmbH

In the next step, Ford designers submitted their suggestions based on the voting results. Arturo Ariño’s idea prevailed for the exterior design, and Robert Engelmann’s vision for the interior. Just three months after the final draft was unveiled, the P1 appeared in front of the audience at Gamescom in Cologne in late August 2020 as a real, full-size prototype.

Since then, Ford has continuously continued the development of the project. The prototype was first turned into a racing simulator and soon after even a full-fledged live streaming platform. Ford showed the P1 in a total of five different exterior colors, including an experimental chrome orange, which reacts to the respective light and surrounding conditions with optical reflections.

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