There was a glitch in Tesla’s system that first drove only American and Canadian drivers crazy and then signaled to the rest of the world that they couldn’t start their car. Elon Musk apologized and promised that no more would happen.

Due to an hourly system failure, foreign Tesla owners were shut down by their own car the other day, the NPR, according to which the phenomenon was experienced first in the United States and Canada and then in other regions such as South Korea.

The issue occurred on the manufacturer’s side of the car mobile app. The feature-rich feature also allows the Tesla owner to open and start their car, but none of these were possible due to the bug mentioned above.

Due to the unpleasant moments, several people began bombarding Elon Musk’s official channels, including his Twitter page, also pointing out that the company’s customer service was not available. The problem has been fixed in a matter of seconds, as the Tesla can also be used with the associated key.

However, due to the convenience the app provides, many people don’t keep this to themselves.

In response to the complaints, Musk said an investigation would be launched. It is not known exactly how long this took, but after five hours, the business owner wrote that the network was up and running again. In the same post, Musk apologized to the car owners and promised there would be no more.

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