Google has also put together some useful new features for Chrome and desktop users.

Users may want to take a look at the Chrome browser from time to time, as Google has introduced several small new features in the program released for Android and desktop computers.

One of them is what Android app users can enjoy: it will be easier to establish what data a website can access. All you have to do is tap on the lock icon in the browser’s title bar and select Permissions. Once you have it, you can set what it gives you access to and what it doesn’t.

Google also promises a feature in the future that will prevent a particular website from being included in your browsing history.

Another very useful innovation is also user safety. You will be able to type various text commands in the address bar of your browser to make certain settings quicker and easier. THE delete history For example, typing will give you a key to clear your browsing history immediately, security check and you can check how strong your passwords are, for example. You can try the latter on the desktop version of the browser.

In our experience, the news has not yet reached Chrome for mobile devices or desktop computers. Google promises to do this in the coming weeks, so you may want to check back every now and then to see if updates are already available. For the Android version this you can do it by clicking this linkand in the browser of computers Help: about Google Chrome menu items must be selected.

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