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Technology company BitOGenius uses Pixicade – ToyNews to turn children's art into playable video games

Technology company BitOGenius uses Pixicade – ToyNews to turn children’s art into playable video games

High-tech company BitO Genius aims to revolutionize the STEAM toy category with the launch of Pixicade, a new system that transforms children’s artwork into original playable video games.

Created by a team of game design experts and educators in a US-based business, Pixicade uses proprietary patent-pending technology to turn artwork into a playable video game in less than 30 seconds. Blur the edges of physical and digital play.

The Pixicade kit provides children with a “unique open-ended play pattern” by providing children with a specially created marker pen, three books, and two QR codes to unlock the app. I am aiming for it.

Pixicade’s interactive book teaches game design, with over 100 game examples and 30 learning activities. The seven game types included (including individual and face-to-face confrontations) teach a variety of skills such as problem-solving, rapid prototyping, and logic.

Power-ups and editing features allow gamers to modify, modify, and enhance the game while playing. Pixicade encourages gamers to express their imagination and become creators, providing a unique play experience for children ages 6 and up.

“Patent-pending technology allows creators to draw or capture objects such as stickers and candies for a great experience on a white surface,” he said. Alisha Holstman, CCO of BitO Genius.

“We are delighted to share Pixicade, a combination of great artistic activity and creative original games online. We are redefining the way people play.”

Pixicade is currently available at And under $ 30..