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Technology Is Driving the CBD Industry’s Popularity Growth – Here’s How


Bread is for many people a staple in their kitchens, but how did this happen? Who thought that raising some crops would be a great idea to make some new kind of food? Our ancestors did not have wheat and other grains like we have today, they had to selectively breed the crops. Even with the grains collected, it is pretty wild to think that they knew how to ferment bread and other products. Bread is one of the prime examples of how technology finds its way into our daily lives.

CBD (which stands for cannabidiol) is a natural product famous for its relaxation effect and many other medicinal benefits. This natural product is similar to bread in the sense that technology and science are what bring it more into our daily lives. People have already used CBD for many years as a really important part of traditional medicine. Now with our better understanding of CBD and technological improvement, it is gaining traction again. Some are even purchasing CBD seeds and growing plants at home these days. This allows for easier access to the product without having to go to the dispensary, while also saving money. An excellent place to look for the needed CBD seeds is Zamnesia, which offers a range of different seeds.

Not just for humans

CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system that is not unique to just humans, all mammals have it. It is even more interesting that research has shown that dogs have more endocannabinoid receptors than humans. The same way that CBD affects people in a calm and relaxing way so too can affect other mammals. This understanding of it shows that these effects are completely natural because of their presence in other animals.

This kind of medicine is really good to help your furry buddies in times of great stress when traveling or hearing loud explosions. Of course, that does not mean you should go willy nilly with it, it is always important to use the correct dosage that depends on many factors. It is important to do some research before approaching this very good method of helping out your little buddies.


Extracting CBD from hemp is a very eco-friendly process. When compared to many other kinds of medicine that are made on an industrial scale, it is much more eco-friendly. The first reason why stems from the fact of how easy it is to grow hemp at such a large scale. Hemp is already pretty easy to grow and with new agricultural technology, it just keeps getting better. It is very easy to make a vertical hemp farm which is much more sustainable than regular farms.


Once you get the plant, the extraction process is pretty straightforward. The first step is to homogenize the hemp leaves or seeds in a turbo mill for example. Next up, you use a nonpolar solvent to extract the CBD and there you have it. The extraction process can be done using supercritical CO2 which is the safest way of doing so. The CO2 used in this process can be pulled from the atmosphere which makes this a carbon-negative process.

Using the whole plant

Once CBD is extracted, that is not the end of this very valuable industrial plant. Hemp seeds can be used as a very rich source of easily digestible proteins. Many vegetarian and vegan diets lack proteins that are digestible, but not hemp seeds. These protein seeds can be used as additives to such diets, not only useful additives but also cheap ones. Extracting these proteins is also a process that has been perfected with today’s technology.

Besides using these proteins in the diet, the stem of the plant can be used as a source of cellulose. Alternative sources of cellulose that do not come from forests are very important. Cellulose from hemp is much easier to access compared to cellulose from hardwood. This is why again, this extraction is a very important green technological advancement. The fact that the whole plant can be used for many purposes is one of the big reasons why the CBD industry is booming.


It is very important to be open to new technological and scientific advancements that are made daily. The bread was probably one of the items that some of our ancestors tried to reject as being not natural. Why would anyone eat a smoothie of random seeds mixed with yeast that was thrown into an oven? It is not hard to imagine this kind of logic appearing in some of our ancestors.

In the same way, it is important to stay open to the technological developments driving the CBD industry’s popularity. The only way we can advance further is by being innovative and open to new ideas and science. Just try to imagine the world today if our ancestors were too afraid to get down from trees. We would still be living up there hiding and being scared of embracing the future.

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