Microsoft will skip two less popular apps from the next Windows update. Anyone who still needs it can access it, but they already need to install it themselves.

Even good news for the future of the operating system is the change that, from version 21332 of the operating system (which is expected to be released later this year), Microsoft will no longer pre-install 3D Viewer and Paint 3D on your computer.

The main function of Paint 3D was to create 3D drawings, while the 3D Viewer could be used to view 3D models in the application. Although these two little programs will no longer appear by default when you install Windows 10, they will still be available from the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft 3D Viewer (and also Paint 3D) will continue to be available for download


Both apps were introduced as part of the 2017 “Creators Update”, the Creators Update and Paint 3D replaced the classic Paint app. However, its success has been modest, so Microsoft thought it was time to move the app to the Microsoft Store. However, Microsoft also pointed out that only in the case of new installations will these applications be missing, they will be preserved when upgrading old machines.

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