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Technology update today at 6 pm on the live stream [Erinnerung]

Technology update today at 6 pm on the live stream [Erinnerung]

of Thilo Bayer
CD Projekt Red has announced that the next-gen update for The Witcher 3 will go live later today. Hopefully around 6pm we will reveal what content and technical improvements there are in detail.

After the Polish developer CDPR announced the release dates of the free next-gen update for the third part with the witcher Geralt just a few days ago, the content details will be available soon.

The show starts at 6 pm

On Twitter, CD Projekt Red announces a RED broadcast for today at 6 pm The company’s Twitch account is broadcast. The content of the free technology and content update will be presented, which will be released on December 14. appears What exactly CDPR shows today is still unclear. So far, there are surprisingly few details for the patch. In terms of content, the Netflix series will give a new impetus. Hopefully today we will reveal exactly what they look like.

It is also known that the patch will integrate fan mods directly into the game. It is also not clear what they are. One candidate would be Next Generation Reworked HD Mod Project by modder Halk Hogan. He has already hinted at a collaboration with CDPR, though the latest teaser video for him is from December 2021.

Otherwise, the technology is of course the focus for PC fans. The original game and the two expansions are said to be “optimized for performance on next-generation consoles and modern PC hardware and contain dozens of visual, performance, and technical improvements over the original,” according to CDPR. Ray tracing and fast loading times for consoles are confirmed, but nothing else. CDPR is also expected to join Nvidia DLSS 3 for The Witcher 3 announces.

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