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Technophiles. We play … Solast crown of the magister, on PC


Back in the old days, there were the Baldur’s Gate franchises, and also the original sin of Divinity, which still remain standards for RPG fans. From now on, we tell you bluntly, you will have to trust the Solasta franchise declined by Tactical Adventures, in the category of turn-based role-playing games, with official dice-type rules and dungeons and dragons.

After choosing your team of men and / or women, once personalized, our four adventurers can go on a quest …

This is not counting the five duplicate races of the six classes offered. The period and place costumes are still very original. Finally, each playable character has its own character. We have hardly seen better side customization.

Farewell to the RPG manual

And yes, in the old days, a nice box was waiting for us at the role-playing stalls. Feverishly, when we return to our room with a cream colored PC, and the beautiful cdrom player that is enthroned, a map of the world, sometimes in cloth, we loved it. The colorful manual with its own graphic design opened each page. And then came the game. Once he put the beautiful box away, he admired it out of the corner of his eye when he saw it.

Without playing nostalgia, this game management mechanic consists of short missions in order to make us discover each person as well as their own subtleties, all about a drink, a little classic.

Every beginner’s step in the story is illustrated with tips or little survival guides. We appreciate.

Very neat graphics

Here, French developers carry out a quality technique in the phases of exploring the world with our team of adventurers, from the journey to the sites that advance history.

Even physics is taken into account. Furthermore, that we can see at ease the different points of view to find the best solution to a goal.

Zoom refers to the best adventure RPG titles. Fights can occupy a much more important place than a grid of an area where you cannot escape before the end.

The player character control panel has a number of explicit options. For beginners, as well as for beginners, the explanation of the game mechanics follows the adventurer so that he does not get lost.

A title in permanent extension.

Tabletop RPGs are the cornerstone of the title. The application of this on PC is formidable of effectiveness especially at the level of confrontations with the intervention for the first time of the dice used for role-playing games in real life.

At the moment, the developers have implemented another class: the sorcerer. Then it is up to the team to build the structure of this specialized magician to give him maximum efficiency. Taking,

Solasta Crown of the magister will keep you busy for a few dozen hours while you complete all the objectives such as potentially inaccessible chests.

Congratulations to Tactical Adventures who were immersed in board games, and we will gladly welcome a future expansion with great pleasure.

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