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TELEGRAM FOUNDING NOTES: Everyone who owns an iPhone is a digital slave to Apple

TELEGRAM FOUNDING NOTES: Everyone who owns an iPhone is a digital slave to Apple

“Russian Zuckerberg” believes that Apple’s hardware is outdated and too expensive.

Source: SMARTLife / Unsplash / Akhil Yerabati

Founder Telegram Applications and the president of that company, Pavel Durov, hit hard Apple.

He commented on the news of the portal. New York Times what is a company Apple allegedly gave the Chinese government control over data centers in Guejangu.

Durov pointed out that the Cupertino company is efficient in selling “expensive and outdated hardware locked behind its ecosystem”. “Every time I use the iPhone to test our iOS application, I feel like I’m in the Middle Ages” – he pointed “Russian Mark Cukerberg” (as foreign media once called it) on his blog.

He added that they are Apple The devices are clunky and outdated due to specs like a 60Hz refresh rate, while most Android devices largely support 120Hz. However, it appears that Durov went one step further with the insults against Apple. .

“Having an iPhone makes you a digital slave to Apple” – Pavel Durov.

That is, Durov criticized the policy of this company, which does not allow users to download applications from anywhere else, but instead are forced to use IOS App Storeas they are forced to use Apple iCloud if they want to save their data.

Pavel Durov Apple App Store Critical Telegram Apps CompanySource: Telegram / Printscreen / @durov

In the end, he concluded that it was no wonder what it was “Apple’s totalitarian approach is highly appreciated by the Communist Party of China, which now has full control over the apps and data of its citizens using the iPhone.”.

What do you think of Pavel Durov’s comments?

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