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Telegram now allows you to import your discussions to migrate – La Nouvelle Tribune

After Telegram had ripped millions of users from WhatsApp Following the announcement by the latter of a change in its privacy policy, the brothers Dourov (Telegram founders) have just made available in their app, a new feature that will further promote a new beginning in the subsidiary of Facebook. Telegram I wanted to facilitate the migration of discussions from WhatsApp towards your application.

In its latest version available at iOS and Android, Telegram proposed a function that allows the user to retrieve the files of their conversations WhatsApp, and also of KakaoTalk et Line. Once the user installs Telagram and you want to continue the discussions you had started in WhatsApp, you will only have to recover the exchanges as well as the images, videos and documents.

On his official blog, Telegram explained how to do this. Since WhatsApp on iOS, «opens the Contact Information or Group Information page […], tap Export chat, then choose Telegram from the share menu, » has explained Telegram. For Android phone users, all they need to do is open a chat on WhatsApp and then press “Plus” and «Discussion about exporters »and finally select the new app from the share menu.

No end-to-end encryption

However, note that if you are WhatsApp, all exchanges are end-to-end encrypted, this is not the case with Telegram that offers the ” secret conversations, »Specific exchanges between two users only. This means that exporting messages WhatsApp toward Telegram loses this confidentiality, and all previously sent messages, being imported to Telegramwill appear on the company’s servers.