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"أوهمهم بالاستثمار في التليفونات الآيفون".. هروب مستريح جديد بعد الاستيلاء أموال المواطنين بحلوان

“Tell them to invest in iPhones” … A laid back new escape

11:24 p. M.

Sunday October 17, 2021

Books – Muhammad Al-Sawy and Mahmoud Al-Shorbagy:

The Helwan area witnessed a comfortable new escape after he was accused of defrauding citizens; As a result of collecting sums of money from the people of the region, about 200 million pounds, to invest in the field of iPhone mobile phones, according to several residents of the Helwan area.

RA, one of the people, said that Helwan’s new resting place disappeared after tricking his victims into investing their money in the field of mobile phones, in exchange for giving them a profit rate of around 30%.

The defendant, owner of an import and export company, claimed his authority in the Helwan district, after having a group close to him – who are trusted – to persuade his victims to invest their money with him , but after a while. of commitment to pay the monthly profit that he stopped paying and refused to return any money.- He adds to “Masrawy” -.

A few days ago, the victims gathered in front of the defendant’s stores and their belongings, demanding to get their money back, but discovered that he sold them as well as his children’s apartments for a long time.

Several victims visited the defendant more than once in the middle of this year to collect their fees, but he always postponed the payment date until everyone was surprised by his escape, so as not to pay their fees, according to him.

Some of the victims submitted reports and official files on the incident against “Mustareh Helwan”, where “Ahmed. S. ”, owner of a clothing company, one of the victims, presented two pregnancy reports No. 21179/2021 and 21180 /. 2021, misdemeanors in the Helwan Department.

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Some of the victims did not give up and seized a series of rest tents that he was unable to sell before escaping, in an attempt to obtain part of his quotas after his disappearance and the inability to contact him during the last period.

Security services are trying in various ways to control all forms of fraud and fraud against citizens, to combat crime, especially crimes of fraud against citizens to seize their money.