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Temtem gameplay video provides PS5 monster collection look


The massive multiplayer monster gathering adventure Temtem will soon make its grand console debut on PlayStation 5.

Playstation 5 Gameplay Have have have, A large-scale multiplayer monster collection game by developer Crema is revealed through a new gameplay video. Have have have Was released through Steam as an Early Access title in January, but the Early Access release on PS5 will be the game’s first console release.Game version Xbox series X / S And Nintendo switch It is also planned for 2021.

With assumptions and even presentations Have have have Reminiscent of Pokemon The franchise, some aspects of the new title, allow it to stand on its own.favorite PokemonHave, have Let the player find and catch a large collection of creatures. These creatures are used to fight other creatures in a duel with the wild or trainers. Have have have Characteristic Start Temtem, Similar to the sister franchise starter Pokemon. This can significantly change the way players experience early in the game. However, Have have have It also acts as a huge number of online games, setting it apart by allowing players from around the world to explore and fight each other. Special items Have have have By making it easier for players to explore the game’s large open world, the entire title becomes more free and less linear.

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Sony Released a new gameplay overview video showing how Have have have It will look and play when it’s released on PlayStation 5 next week. The video describes the title’s basic gameplay loop, focusing on exploration and skill-based combat with the Temtem collection. Role-playing elements such as character customization and temtem trading are also key features of the game. The multiplayer element allows players to experience the entire story campaign with their peers or fight other players with Temtem’s own team.

The game was originally announced in the 2021 console release, but was later revealed. Have have have Released on PlayStation 5 The game will then appear on the Xbox Series X / S and Nintendo Switch at unspecified time in 2021. Have have have I was planning to release it on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, The final generation release of the game has been cancelled Allows developer Crema to focus on the current generation version of the game.

on the other hand Have have have Very similar Pokemon At first glance, the new title has many unique features. The online multiplayer nature of the game allows players to collaborate and compete and compete with each other for creatures in a very direct way. this is, Pokemon Fans have long sought, and the potential for a more social version of this type of game is even proven by Pokemon GO. As the major console release is approaching soon, Have have have The popularity soars.

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Have have have It will be released on PS5 Early Access on December 8th.

Source: Sony

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