The wacky virtual reality adventure Tentacular was released today for Meta Quest and SteamVR. In it, you yourself become a gigantic creature with tentacles! In theory, you can crush anything under the arms of the suction cup. But: you are actually a good-hearted monster who is just looking for his place in the world.

Here’s the tentacular launch trailer:

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In Tentacular you take control of a tentacled creature that grew up on the island of La Kalma. Players are tasked with helping their human friends explore a strange and powerful energy source by solving action-based activities and building puzzles using nothing more than their unwieldy (but tentacled) limbs. A real fun tentacle for young and old.

Now it’s time to control your own tentacles and tackle the tasks. And while you’re at it, you can still unlock items for your own playground in sandbox mode. Because you can also just happily build in front of you and learn to control your awkward tentacles.

Tentacular screenshots: