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Tesla distributes software updates with many innovations >


A comprehensive software update for Tesla electric cars towards the end of the year has become almost a tradition, and it comes relatively early this year: Late on Tuesday, version 2022.44.25.1 apparently began rolling out worldwide, which also brings a wide range of interesting innovations. Part of the package is, among other things, a track mode for the Tesla Model Y Performance and Apple Music integration. However, several of the features of the 2022 holiday update are intended for the newer or more expensive models.

Steam for the latest Model S and Model X

the Tesla first had track mode on the Model 3 Performance and then on the Model S Plaid inserted. As announced several times, it will also come with the new software for Model Y Performance (see photo above). The integration of Apple Music has also been long overdue, at the latest after Tesla exhibited a booth with software at a museum in Los Angeles in November, on the screen of which an Apple Music logo was already visible.

The inclusion of Apple’s service appears to be relevant to all of Tesla’s electric cars. However, this does not apply to the Steam gaming platform, the integration of which CEO Elon Musk had previously announced. According to software expert @greentheonly, it now only works with the latest and most expensive Teslas: Model S and Model X launched in early 2021 with an infotainment computer, among other things Updated by AMD, but they are said to have had enough RAM for Steam only since March.

After all, CEO Musk said when asked on Twitter that there would be a solution to the modernization. Steam does not appear to be designed for Model 3 and Model Y, although these Both Tesla models also have a more powerful AMD computer since this year have – according to @greentheonly with enough RAM, but without a separate graphics processor. Model 3 and Model Y also get another innovation: the option to participate in zoom conferences via the internal camera and screen. Plus, with dog mode for all models, you can now use the camera to peek inside live through the app.

Control the “emissions scandal” with the Tesla app

The pre-refresh Model S and Model X don’t have the interior camera yet, so they won’t get Zoom conferencing either. Tesla now refers to both as “Legacy.”. According to the German release notes, the update for them only includes Apple Music, a new game, small improvements to the phone app, a new rainbow driving display, and the possibility of the “Exhaust Scandal” fun feature, which pressing a button’s gut wind noises from the speakers can also be used via the Tesla app. An undocumented fleet-wide innovation also appears to be a modified display in navigation.

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