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Tesla expert Kröger cannot start from Giga Berlin >


Delivery day, when Tesla wants to deliver the first 30 Model Ys from the German Gigafactory next Tuesday, is likely to be very crowded. On Friday, a spokeswoman confirmed that Chancellor Olaf Scholz would like to go to the factory in Grünheide, near Berlin, to give a speech if the situation in Ukraine allows it. The Federal Ministry of Economy announced the participation of Minister Robert Habeck, who all of Germany recently stopped at the speed of Tesla. However, Tesla does not want a well-known expert who was invited to the event by one of the collectors.

German “Doc Tesla” can’t come

the car expert Ove Kröger is a fixture on the Tesla scene and electric cars. Among other things, he opened a YouTube channel about five years ago, which was initially almost exclusively about Tesla and then increasingly about other brands. Furthermore, Kröger is one of the organizers of the German E-Cannonball. Some still call him Doc Tesla because of his early contributions and today’s advice on new and used purchases, though he now drives a Porsche Taycan himself (see photo above).

But this man, who says that Tesla has given recommendations to more than 800 new customers in seven years, should not be present at the big Delivery Day next week. Each of the 30 clients who got his Model Y Performance from the German Gigafactory on Tuesday It is allowed to bring three guests that must be announced in advance. One of them put Kröger on the list, and was later told by a Tesla employee that he was “not welcome” there.

Kröger disappointedly announced it on Twitter this week. His request to the accounts of Tesla and Elon Musk was initially not answered by the recipients, otherwise the message triggered some sympathy, some malice and some speculation about the reasons for the release. One assumption was that a recent Kröger video about the Lucid Air electric car had received disapproval, another that Tesla wanted no more stars than its Model Y on the site and at least no one to immediately look critically at it. .

Selective observation for Gigafactory

In 2018 and 2019, he received invitations to present the Model Y and Cybertruck in the US and to launch a SpaceX rocket, Kröger told when asked about his past closer to Tesla. After his friend signed him up for Giveaway Day, they contacted him and he initially agreed not to film the event. But that did not help: his presence was said to be undesirable, and Tesla even threatened to stop inviting his friend if he was on his guest list. According to Kröger, his wife and electric car YouTuber Alexander Bangula were also in it.

Kröger does not want to take advice to disguise himself and smuggle into the Gigafactory site under a false name, as he wrote to “I will not go there.” However, he wants to monitor whether Tesla may have other guests with backgrounds on YouTube. Because the company seems to be getting more and more choosy when it comes to which curious people it allows to approach it: well-known Gigafactory watcher @Gf4Tesla was revoked Tesla’s overflight permit with his drone on Thursday.

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