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Tesla Model S Plaid turns into a racing car and shows incredible speed

Tesla Model S Plaid turns into a racing car and shows incredible speed

Paiko Peak is not only the highest point in the Uolini Mountains7, but also the site of the Pikes Peak race. The winding mountain road turns into a track where enough serious cars compete. The new Tesla Model S Plaid rotated between them.

The Tesla Model S Plaid, an unplugged performance car, became a race almost overnight. This time he raced in the Exhibition class, which also included the Acura NSX, a pair of Tesla Model 3s, and a few other cars. Driver Randy Pobst later said that the Model S Plaid, which received a sporty chassis, better brakes and an aerodynamic package, had not been tested very well; In theory, his track times could still improve a lot.

And the Model S Plaid turned out great. The best moment of the car came only for a couple of cars specially prepared for such events. In his class, the Model S Plaid was inviolable. The driver praised the low center of gravity and acceleration.

In some places, the track of the Model S Plaid exceeded 200 km / h. velocity. And by turns, the electric car did not fly badly, although, according to the driver, it weighs almost two tons.

Electric racing cars aren’t brand new, but there will definitely be more in the future. Viewers are not very happy with this, as sound is one of the elements that creates emotion. But acceleration will be faster and the team’s strategy will need to include conserving battery resources.

VIDEO: Pikes Peak 2021 … Tesla Model S Plaid is insanely fast!

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