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Tesla Models S and X Get High Power Video Game Hardware

Tesla Models S and X Get High Power Video Game Hardware

Tesla’s upgraded Model X and S cars are equipped with new and powerful features. It is a video game system with the features of a new generation console.

The new gaming system has “up to 10 teraflops of power”. Tesla websiteAlthough other details of the system are not available. For comparison Xbox series X Has 12 teraflops and Sony PlayStation 5 has 10.3 teraflops.

Tesla announced Wednesday’s fourth-quarter earnings that updated Model S and X cars will arrive later this year. Among the changes to the model are new powertrains, exterior updates, and a whole new interior.

The interior features a 17-inch cinematic display on the front with “2200×1300 resolution, ultra-brightness, true color, extraordinary responsiveness, and tilt to the left and right.” Passengers can enjoy the game from any seat with the help of wireless controller compatibility and backseat display.

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“Would you like to play The Witcher games on Tesla? (You can watch the show at Tesla Netflix Theater)” Tesla CEO Elon Musk Tweet January 22nd.

Earlier models of in-vehicle game systems ran “less demanding games such as Cuphead and CatQuest.” IGN Entertainment. The upgraded model shows that the system can run “The Witcher 3” games. This “suggests a significant increase in the potential of car games,” IGN said, adding that it’s an impressive game by “car standards.”

After Sony’s PlayStation 5 went on sale in November and recorded the highest sales and purchases ever, the new model has become the standard for next-generation games. However, IGN said it would be difficult to compare Tesla’s upgraded gaming system with the new standard. There are few specific details available in the console.

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